January 25, 2012

What Linus actually did and how safe the passwords are in Linux KERNEL?


Recently, I am confused with some concepts in Linux,

1. When I read man pages some pages have the author names. And the commercial apps like vlc, Mozilla and so on are from concern manufactures. Most of apps are under developed by some one or by community and integrated with Distributions.

so, What exactly Torvalds did/wrote ? In other words, what exactly the Linux Kernel is?
If I use "c" pgms and some device drivers for my use, Can I say that I use Linux or I know Linux ?

Bcoz, most of the questions out here in other posts are totally new to me, and making me to think that
for my "c" pgm , I am using a Linux distribution which has "gcc", and am not using/learning Linux? right?

2. Linux kernel source is an open source. So, how the passwords are protected ? If a person see the code section of password storing, can't that person do reverse operation to get the password ?

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