December 8, 2015

Any VM recommendations (using KVM on an AMD A6 laptop)?

I'm beginning the LFS201 self-training and am wondering if anyone has some recommendations on setting up a minimal VM for use in doing the labs (derive size, RAM size, etc.). My host system is Kubuntu 14.04 LTS and I am using qtemu as a front end to KVM. My host system is an AMD A6 w/ 8GB RAM and a 1TB HD.

Any recommendation for a minimal VM in terms of HD size, memory allocated, etc.?

PS: By the way, Just FYI, I'm and experienced Linux user (15+ years) and had started self-study for the RHCSA, before changing gears, going back to school for a BS in Comp.Sci. and looking for a new job in the industry. So, I'm not a nube. The LF Sys.Admin. Cert. Black Fri. discount was too good a deal to pass up.

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