March 11, 2016

Chapter 13 Setting up Quotas

So on Chapter 13.3b I modified my /etc/fstab entry to..

/dev /sbd1 /home /etx4 defaults,ursquota 1, 1

and then did

sudo mount -0 remount /home
(rest of the commands.. were cmd not found.. )

anyhow,. when I try to go back into the /etc/fstab entry it claims its being edited by root, and either gives me a blank file in nano, or an infinite loop of "y"'s (which is the beigning of me typeing
yes, I want to edit this file.

So.. what gives?

What do I need to do re-edit the file? clear the cache? the History?
It really shouldn't misbehave like this in the first place. And then there's this cmd not found.. I want to move on in the chapter of course.

Thanks guys,


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