January 11, 2016

Is this course resourceful enough to pass the exam? Maybe not for the new exam 2.16

I am almost at the end of the course and I find that this may not be resourceful enough to pass the exam, given the topics listed out in the exam review.

As others mentioned earlier there will be virtualization, apache server management, SMTP/IMAP, LDAP, virtualization, etc..


Some of the things that were not shown in the course but listed in the exam topics:

[*]Configure an LDAP server and schema
[*]Configure an HTTP server
[*]Configure HTTP server log files
[*]Configure SSL with HTTP server
[*]Restrict access to a web page
[*]Provide/configure network shares via NFS

TL:DR: Will this be added to the course as of 2.16 or not? I do not believe that the current course is enough to pass the new exam given the requirements.

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