August 22, 2016

Exam preperation

Hello fellow LFS201 coarse students,

i just did the exam which I tried to prepare as good as possible. I focused on the theory of the online lfs201 coarse, did all exercises from the labs and memorized as much as possible commands and options. Doing this however did not prepare me decently for the exam itself, because the exams exists of 24 exercises with no theoretical questions. Most of the commands in the lfs201 labs were not asked.

I did the lfs101 coarse on edx 2 years ago and finished with 100%. At the time I was really good prepared for sed an grep like commands etc. I advise everybody to put as much focus on the 101 then on the 201 coarse before taking the exam.

Im awaiting my result but I am making no illusion, it wont be any good. Half of the exercises are straight from LFS201 (those went pretty well), the other half is not. I think I really studied the 201 coarse, but still wasn't prepared enough for the exam. The preparation needs more then just lfs201. So my advice is drop the theory, do not waste time on this but focus on the labs (especially managing user accounts, sudo and filesystem), restudy 101 if it's a long time ago and do selfstudy on networking commands like nestat in combination with pipes and redirects.

I also experienced lag and a freezing console screen which made me loose time that I certainly needed. I did't have enough time to review my exercises and even complete the exam. These are issues that shouldn't occur offcoarse. But I lost a lt of time struggling with basics I didn't expect or wasn't prepared for. That is my own fault.

I really enjoyed the theoretical online coarse from which I learned a lot, but sadly didn't prepare me good enough for the exam. I will try to do better in the future by focussing everything on the pratical stuff.

Just my 2 cents.




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