April 29, 2015

LAB 13.2 Solution.


Firstly, I hope that I am not getting myself labelled as a difficult student because I have opened a lot of threads. I am enjoying LFS201 and feel it is good value because I am learning a lot.

The Solution for Lab 13.2 has errors (see below). Also, since we are learning to be System Administrators I am not impressed with being encouraged to use chmod 777. Its a lazy bad habit that is a gateway unintended consequences. "Thou shalt not use chmod 777," should be one of the SysAdmin Commandmants. I found sudo chown user:group /mnt/tmpdir worked well enough (change user:group to be appropriate for the quota exercise).

13.2 Solution Error:
"1. Change /etc/fstab to have one of the following two lines according to whether you are using a real partition or a loopback:
/dev/sda11 /mnt/tempdir ext4 noexec 1 3
/tmp/imagefile /mnt/tempdir ext4 loop,noexec 1 3"

"noexec" should be replaced by "usrquota"


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