February 9, 2016

Lab 26.1 - Any tips for doing the lab? I don't see any messages of OOM-killer in my logs :-(

I did as the lab required. I have some issues with this lab and don't have an idea how to deal with that.

I switch off the swap as required.
I use free to see how much free virtual memory I have.
Then I start the stress program with appropriate parameters. If I choose to stress requesting more memory than is available the stree program won't even start, and it simply finishes with an error message.
If I request more or less as much memory as there is available then the program starts and finishes without issues, but I cannot see any entry of the OOM-killer in my logs; I checked /var/log/dmesg and /var/log/syslog and /var/log/kern.log.

I verified the following:
/proc/sys/vm/oom_kill_allocating_task has the value 0
/proc/sys/vm/panic_on_oom has the value 0

I expected the OOM-killer to show up in one of the log files, but unfortunately I cannot find an entry anywhere in the system.

Any help is appreciated. How did you guys go about this? Did it work in your case?

I use Ubuntu 15.04, but I have the same problem with CentOS 7.

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