February 18, 2017

Lab exercise 42.4 repairing the MBR

I noticed a strange method in copying the mbr code to a file using dd. The area to the save the mbr was located in the "/root" directory of the primary hard drive; the hard drive of the mbr that I was supposed to destroy then repair. After copying the mbr to the suggested location (/root/mbrsave), I zeroed the first 446 bytes of the mbr and rebooted.

As expected, the system did not boot. However, I could not eccess the saved mbr file. None of the partitions were accessible. 

Instead, I reinstalled my system back to virtualbox. Performed the steps again. This time, I made sure I had attached another Virtualbox disk to my VM guest. The mbr code from my primary hard drive was then saved to the new attached vm disk. I was able to successfully repair my mbr.

The steps in this lab did not make clear to save the mbr code to a separate storage, nor did it meantion any procedures of accessing any of the missing partitions to retreive the saved mbr code. Did I misinterprate this exercise?


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