September 27, 2017

LFS201: 2.23 /tmp encountered the following issue

Hello, after reading LFS201: 2.23 /tmp encountered the following issue

I found it interesting to go ahead and disable the ability by application to write to the /tmp

executing the following cmnd (systemctl mask tmp.mount) and then rebooting presented no issues with the provided class vm CentOS7.

I did the same cmnd on my other personal vm OpenSUSE. after rebooting my NIC cards are no longer available. I do see 


I attempted to roll back the cmnd simply by guessing unmask portion and it seems like the cmnd is available, however

executing as su or sudo offered the following error 

Failed to execute operation: Read-only file system

This does make sense.

How do i properly rollback and is it possible that the NIC card files on OpenSUSE need access to /tmp


Thank you


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