December 14, 2015

Red Hat, CentOS or Ubuntu Server for LFS201 Practice


I have started the LFS201 Essentials of System Administration self-paced course and not sure which server distro should I install as virtual machine to be able to complete the labs and exercises and gain enough knowledge to pass the exam.

With regards to Red Hat, it is not possible for me to pay up to buy it or use the evaluation (30 days only) as I would need around 3-4 months to go through all the course material and practice properly.

CentOS seems to be a clone of Red Hat, however not sure if the commands mentioned in the course will work exactly as mentioned.

I have Ubuntu server and desktop version as virtual machines which I am currently using with the course, however I found out the a lot of the commands do not work exactly as mentioned and I have to spend hours on end to find out how to do the same thing.

My question is which one should I really install to be as fully compatible as possible with the course?

My worry is that if I cannot practice and have working results, I would find the exam too difficult to pass.


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