February 12, 2015

Welcome to the LFS201 Class Forum

Welcome to both LFS201 and this forum!

Our intention is to have course participants reach out to each other with questions, comments and corrections. Linux Foundation Training staff will keep an eye on and participate on this forum. Specific errata should also be sent to training@linuxfoundation.org where we compile such data.

Make sure you have a fully operational Linux distribution to use to perform the laboratory exercises. Just reading the written material is only part of the task. In our live instructor-led classes we spend about 50 percent of the time on the labs, but there is rarely enough time to do them all; here you do not have the same time constraints and will not be sitting through a lecture with a human being, so your percentage of practical exercise time should be significantly higher.

We haven't covered everything in great detail but keep in mind most of the documentation in Linux is actually already on your system in the form of man pages. The course material means you to understand implicitly to always consult them for more details. It would have been boring to regurgitate them in the text.

If you decide to continue building your career in Linux after taking this course, you might be interested in the pursuing one or both of the Linux Foundation Certifications.

Jerry Cooperstein, Phd.
Training Program Director
The Linux Foundation

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