January 8, 2016

Which system/service manager is Ubuntu 14.04 using ?

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 - that's my option for the exam.

According to chapter 4: init, SystemV, Upstart, systemd there are those three system management utilities:
- SysVinit (old and superseded, but still present under the hood)
- Upstart (established by Ubuntu and adopted by many)
- systemd (most recent and in process of being adopted by most)

Now I am trying to do some exercises but I cannot figure out which system/service manager my Ubuntu is using:

- the description of SysVinit does not correspond to my system (chkconfig does not exist)
- the description of Upstart does not correspond to my system (there is no prefdm.conf script in my system; /etc/inittab does not exist)
- the description of systemd does not correspond to my system (I don't have systemctl command)

What confuses me more is:
- SysVinit: I have the service command on my system
- Upstart: I have upstart* commands on my system
- systemd: I have sysctl command on my system

I wish that chapter 4 would be more accurate and more appropriate for the student's OS choice, mine being Ubuntu 14.04.
Chapter 4 did not spend much time with Upstart and did not do exercises with it neither. I am sure though that this is an essential in the exam.

Any takers? Enlighteners? Teachers? Helpers?

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