July 20, 2016

Unable to complete the last part of Lab 5.3

Hi there,
I am unable to complete the last part of Lab 5.3. 


I have editied /etc/ssh/sshd_config and made sure this line is present: PermitRootLogin without-password


I have copied the authorized_keys to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys and checked user and group permissions.

     # cat /home/student/.ssh/authorized_keys >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

     # chown root.root /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

     # chmod 640 /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

I receive permission denied when attempting to log into host garply again.
     $ ssh garply
I could ssh to garply up until PermitRootLogin is changed to without-password in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.
I can ssh to garply but I receive permission denied.
I can ssh to localhost and connect with a password.
For my lab machine I am using CentOS 7 (Build 1511). 
I verified that the authorized_keys copied to /root/.ssh folder and that the permissions and owner is set according to the lab notes.
I verified that the ssh config file in $HOME/.ssh/ contains input from exercise 5.2:
host garply
     hostname localhost
     user root
host *
     ForwardX11 yes
Can you please help me?
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