November 9, 2016

Problem with CentOS7 open-vm-tools-9.10.2-4.el7 package

I downloaded the CentOS7 image from
I installed it on Linux Mint 18 using VMware Player 12.

Here are my problems using your CenetOS7 (version 3.10.xx)  image.

1) Whenever I launched it, I get this error at bottom of screen:

"A problem with open-vm-tools-9.10.2-4.el7 package has been detected."

When I tried updating the open-vm-tools, it said it is already the latest package.
2) One of the problem I have with LFS216's CentOS7 image is that
the maximum GUI window size is somewhat smaller than
full physical screen size when maximized.  I have a 17.5" laptop.
3) Another problem I have is that I cannot cut and paste to and from your CentOS7 VM!
IMPORTANT observation:
On the same laptop, with a non-LinuxFoundation CentOS7 version 3.10 running
on VMware Player 12, I do not have any of the above three problems!

Can the course maintainer fix this problem and put a revised CentOS7 version 3.10.xx image.

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