June 22, 2017

Chapter 12 Lab - NewRelic + Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Hi everyone,

Just a heads up - I'm working on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and could not get the comms working between CF and New Relic. I was getting 401 errors (authentication required) and the manage service link for New Relic in PCF would fail with a wrong account. It seems that creating a New Relic account as per the lab guide and supplying those credentials wont work (or at least wouldnt for me).

Here's how I solved it:

Skip the New Relic account creation section..instead create the new relic service with the CLI (cf create-service newrelic standard mynewrelic). Bind it as normal, and restage as normal. To access the dashboard, you will use the SSO between PCF and NewRelic. To do this:

Login to the PCF console, find your roster app, go to the services, select the New Relic service, and click the 'Manage' button. This will log you into New Relic via SSO, and take you to your dashboard. I also had to increase the memory of the Roster app from 512 (which would crash every time) to 1G.

Just my experience, hopefully that helps someone :)


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