May 27, 2016

Changes in Devstack (?) causing Lab issues

I think there's an issue with Devstack

I started out by using the Lab Environments, and right from the start (Lab 2), I am unable to see (as admin) any of the existing Projects, Users, etc.

I thought maybe an issue with the Lab enviroment, so I created my own local (using KVM) Ubuntu 14.04 based devstack host. Using the same local.conf set up as the labs [but adjusting for my network], I'm running into the exact same issues.

Unable to see any information for the following [All return with Unable to retrieve errors]:

System: Instances, Volumes
Identity: Project, Users, Groups and Roles

What's more interesting is when I try to create a new project. I get 2 errors:

Error: Could not find default role "Member" in Keystone
Error: Not Found (HTTP 404) 

I'm getting those on both the hosted Lab environments as well as with my own dev environment at home.

If I've missed something obvious [which is always a distinct possibility], please let me know.


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