August 31, 2016

Exercise 3.2 - Add compute host


I have problem with exercise 3.2. I log in to compute-node, run apt-get update and then install vim and git forllowing:

git clone

I then edit local.conf and copy the values from Lab Notes. I have:

HOST_IP=    # <<--  compute-node IP address
FIRST_HOST= # <<--  devstack-cc IP address

I run ./ on compute node and it completes successfully. When I log in to the devstack-cc node first as user developer1, add an instance, and then log out and log in as admin, I don't see seconnd hypervisor nor compute node anywhere.

What would be best way to find out if compute-node ever connects with first-node (devstack-cc)?

The IPs look correct but I don't see any connections.

Thank you!


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