February 24, 2016

Inconsistencies and errors in course

I wanted to point out that following the online course is quite hard due to many inconsistencies throughout the course. For instance the screenshots in the lectures are from an Ubuntu Openstack installation while students are advised to use vanilla devstack. This doesn't only concern the visual layout but the availability of menu items in general. For instance in 3.3.b the student is prompted to select an image from a dropdown but that dropdown isn't there unless you choose "Image" from the "Instance Boot Source".

Another example: In 3.3.c you can see a "Networking" tab you are prompted to click in 3.3.d. Unfortunately the tab isn't there when you install Devstack from github as advised.

Also, when you get logged out due to a timeout from the 360 website, it is not possible to log in again with your login/password (although you get presented a login form). You need to go back to the Linux Foundation site to get through the SSO login procedure.

Finally there are spurious errors such as not found css stylesheets:
HTTP Status 404 - /lms/css/css_search_net.css

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