November 14, 2017

Kubernetes fundamentals : Lab3 : Invalid reference format error on etcd pulls


I am walking through the Kubernetes fundamentals course and am trying out the lab-3 examples. It requires setting up an etcd server, manager and scheduler.

The command is:

$​ ​docker​ ​run​ ​-d​ ​--name=k8s​ ​-p​ ​8080:8080​ ​etcd​ ​--data-dir​ ​/var/lib/data

I get a " docker: invalid reference format." error.

I tried pulling the image docker pull 0​ and get invalid reference format. 

I looked up on dockerhub and don't see the images there. 

Is there somewhere else these images exist?

I'm sure the next commands will fail as well as it references the same repos on hub. Any help?:

docker​ ​run​ ​-d​ ​--net=container:k8s​ ​/apiserver --etcd-servers=​ ​\ --service-cluster-ip-range=​ ​\ --insecure-bind-address=​ ​\ --insecure-port=8080​ ​\ --admission-control=AlwaysAdmit


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