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June 26, 2011

Best Password safety?[RESOLVED VIA IRC CHAT]

Question, besides using a strong password (caps, lower case, numbers, and symbols 8 chars or longer)

What else is everyone using, or would recommend? I have some concerns regarding some of the options to stay safe.

I am actively under attack, and would like to at least keep my passwords safe while I work on the rest.

The Key Ring:

Don't feel very comfortable having all my passwords in one spot, are these safe? Would seem if there was a key ring where I could use my mouse to type in the password, that should be safe. Or is it possible to use a keyring for your keyring password? I'm not sure what I should do here.

Other options... not sure.

What is out there these days, what should I be using, and what do you guys use? I need different (or the same if they work on both) solutions for ubuntu 10.10 and windows 7 on the same system.

Free is a requirement due to my current budget.

Notes from irc chat:

dd-wrt.com (to flash the router and change the router OS, will still route, plus allows more security features)

SELinux (Fedora kernal is built around this so you can simply use Fedora, or configure it yourself on a different distro such as ubuntu, but if configured wrong, it makes your system more vulnerable then if you never had it to begin with, reason to have it: even root does not have full control, making attacks more difficult. )

http://www.avira.com (Windows Anti-Virus)

Spybot Search and Destroy (Windows anti spyware)

http://townx.org/simple_firewall_for_ubuntu_using_iptables (will allow all out going, or client initiated incoming connections, will need to be re-configured for samba and some other programs tho)

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