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November 6, 2015

New to Linux: Best antivirus and Security suite?

New-ish to Linux. I have a few questions but it's best if I dedicate each question to a single thread.

I understand Linux is more secure than Windows, but this is a must: What antivirus should I get?

I am also curious to know if I need a complete security suite as you do on Windows. Which firewall should I go for? I want something that is as user friendly as possibly. I am a bit tech savvy, just don't go balls in with a bunch of stuff about kernels and such.
I don't mind a terminal-based security suite/firewall/whatever-else-is-needed. Though I would prefer a gui.

I use Windows a lot and am also interested in protecting my Linux install from any and all threats. Also, any devices I use with Linux, I use with Windows, so you see how an antivirus is necessary.

Currently know of and know how to install:
Bitdefender (have managed to install it before on Mint Cinammon but the bugger always crashed after starting a scan).

Any other information in regards to security from malicious software as well as network-based attacks is appreciated.


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