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October 1, 2013

SQL db

PostgreSQL Global Development
group address: http://p.pw/UL3
Operation sytem: All
Convert from Old Relational Databases
The privilege set that is defined below must include at least one of the following:

The DROP privilege on the database
Ownership of the database
DBADM or DBCTRL authority for the database
SYSADM or SYSCTRL authority
Start of changeSystem DBADMEnd of change
Connect your Linux system Admin.
Hide/show itemsDB2 for z/OS
configurations files in the new cluster to match the old cluster, e.g. postgresql.conf.
Post-Upgrade processing
script should be run using:
psql --username postgres --file script.sql postgres
(group address)
If you are upgrading a pre-PostgreSQL 9.2 cluster that uses a configuration-file-only directory, you must pass the real data directory location to pg_upgrade, and pass the configuration directory location to the server, e.g. -d /real-data-directory -o '-D /configuration-directory'.
Earlier to Managing security with DB2 facilities, which is under "DB2 security."

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