September 1, 2011

Does New Mandriva 2011 (Hydrozen) make sense??


I was very disappointed with Mandriva 2011, for simple reason that they have discontinued Gnome from this issue onwards....... what do they loose, well, KDE might be very stable and all that.... But, Gnome is easier to use specially for Graphic Designer's like myself and I am sure same it will be for people interested in Video Editing, DTP, Graphics for Broadcast media too....

All of the streams mentioned above are left in cold by company which mean business........ this was understandable if it was coming out of some bunch of people forming an organization and launching a OS/Fork, like Megia....... But definately not from company which mean business and profit, specially considering that most people find it easy to handle a Gnome than KDE....... I started KDE today, Gosh, opened and closed the window instantly, its scary!!

Most of all, Why would you like to loose you dedicated customer's??

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