May 19, 2009

Mandriva 2009.1 (Spring) 64 Bit


Hi Folks,

First off I am a Mandriva fanatic I have "had a go" with others. In fact I started off with SuSE until they sold their shirts to Microsoft.

So anyway I here to entice you in to the world of Mandriva. I have the latest & greatest 2009.1 installed (64 bit) version running on the new ext4 file system - which works great no issues. I install both Gnome & KDE which allows me to swap around as my fancy takes.

I am a Mandriva Club member which gives me access to the Power Pack edition. No too much different from the One edition. It mainly allows me to contribute towards maintaining my fav distro.

So I fully recommend that you give it a try - not a brown wallpaper in sight...:laugh:


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