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May 14, 2009

Best DE for a dual monitor setup


I've been messing around with a dual monitor setup as late, without too much success. I managed to get a non-cloned output on Ubuntu (using gnome), but the gnome panels refused to spread/appear on my second screen and the resolutions refused to play nice (my laptop screen wouldn't change to a widescreen resolution). I resorted to desklets to gain functionality on that screen, but they were insanely buggy...

But then an idea popped in my head, what about KDE? Plasmoids have served me pretty well in the past, and maybe its panels will budge.. So I pop in a Mandriva disk, and everything seems to work, so I try to get the screens to not clone eachother, but no luck. Xrandr just doesn't want to play along, and the desktops stay clones no matter what. Now I don't know if it's just my stupidity or something that hasn't been implemented under KDE, but it pretty much killed my enthusiasm for Dual screen under linux..

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