December 2, 2014

Mult- media breakdown



I've been all over the linux/ubuntu forums searching for a fix and as of today, have met little more than ridicule and complete incompetence. I truly hope I've come to the right forum.(?) I have an HP2000-210 laptop w/ an integrated webcam. Since installing Linuxmint17 cinnamon-64bit, cheese, guvcview and VLC fail to operate cam. As per suggestion, today I tried operating cam via "Cheese" from the live/install disc. With Cheese, the cam opened almost immediately, performed from about a minute, then screen went black and "readout" of THERE WAS AN ERROR PLYING VIDEO FROM THE WEBCAM. When I try to operate cam within the installed LM17 (using Cheese) the cam would operate for 7-20 secs. then blackscreen and readout "No Device Found" (???).
So, here's what we know! 1. The webcam does work!!! 2. Cheese can and does recognize the webcam; albeit for a limited time. 3.IMO, the problem is with the software, not the hardware. I should add that neither guvcview nor VLC will "open" the webcam. This problem did not occur when I was running Ubuntu 12.04. With camera failure, I also have failure of SoundJuicer to rip more than 3-4 rips when it, too, goes buggy and fails/crashes. I've been run ragged posting all kinds of 'readouts" for this and that, none of which has lead to anyone offering the solution. In fact, I'm gonna state that I feel I've been lead around by-the-nose from a bunch a 'wannabees". PLEASE: With all due respect, please DO NOT respond unless you actually know what you're doing and/or talking about.(If you want to screw around with a comp/O.S., screw around with yours!)
[HP2000-210~HP VGA integrated webcam~LM17 cinnamon 64bit~3Gb RAM~80Gb Hdd]

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