May 8, 2010

Problem with Sound


Hello Mates,

i've got an new (for me new) PC and he is perfect. The only one thing,
that don't really run is the Sound.
I have the N68-S from ASRock and use the Onboard Sound.
If i hear Music with Amarok, or watch a movie with vlc, and a
Systemsound comes up, the Sound from Amarok or vlc is broken.
If i go into Amarok and reclick the last File, i can hear it. By
watching Movies, i must stop the movie restart it, and move in the
timeline forward.
Now i have experimented. The Problem comes if the Soundfile is ogg and
by wav, too.

I've runned

I'm using alsa as my Sounddaemon, and inside KDE i have Phonon with the
xine Backend. Pulseaudio isn't installed.

Has anyone an Idea? Status quo is annoying... :(

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