December 23, 2009

Linux Server for WinXP VPN clients with AD integ

Hello all,

Currently we have pptpd installed on a Linux server and winXP clients can connect through VPN to it from home so they can keep working. The clients get authenticated by Active Directory on a Windows server.

The thing is that I know pptp is not the most secure thing out there, and even though AD authenticates users that try to connect via vpn, it allows anybody with a domain account to log in, and I have no way of setting restrictions on that.

Can you guys please suggest something that will install on a Debian server and:
-Allow XP clients to use their native VPN tool to connect to our network from home.
-Authenticate domain users against a Domain controller.
-Sets restrictions as to who can actually connect via VPN regardless of having a domain account.

Thanks in advance for your help and tips on this matter.


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