July 10, 2010

Selecting the right Linux for integration

Hi All,

Can anyone advise me can the following be achieve?

I want to use a free Linux say Mandriva Free 2010 Spring and integrate with BIND, Apache, MySQL etc to make it a Server.
The function of this Server inlcudes :

1. DNS Server
2. FTP Server
3. VPN Server
4. DHCP Server
5. RAID 0,1 or 5.
6. WEB Server
7. Mail Server (Including Webmail)
8. RAS server
9. Firewall

I understand that combining all Server function into 1 box may not be practical, however I just want to know whether can this be done?

Is Mandriva Free 2010 Spring the right Linux OS to be use for this case?

Any recommendation on which application to be used for each Server function above?


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