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February 12, 2010

Need to DL wireless program


So today is my first day using ubuntu; I partitioned my HD for Windows XP (which I am currently on) and Ubuntu.

1) I can't get on to the wireless network. For the windows side, I had to DL a driver for my wireless card so that it can recognize the router and set up that way; windows works, ubuntu doesn't. When I log into Ubuntu, wireless doesnt work no matter what I do, and when I try to open up that same program I get a bunch of error codes. Ideas?

2) Once I get the wireless taken care of this should fix itself, BUT when I created an account on the email program (evolution is it?) it never asked me for a password to my Gmail account. I gave it the other info, servers, user name, etc but it never asked me for my Gmail password so that I could sign in under Gmail.

I've done searches in various threads for these topics...so if this is a re-post just guide me in the right direction. I like the ubuntu format so far; tryin to get used to it and some other things like desktop and such I'm trying to adjust but aren't workin so well. But I'll learn that all in time once I get my feet wet.

Thanks in advance!

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