December 15, 2010

NFSv4 over 10Gbps copper vs local disk


I'm considering buying our company some 10Gbps copper Ethernet equipment to provide a dedicated network for our NFSv4 server/clients.

We have fairly modern equipment (HP DL380 G7 server, DL360 G5 clients) with 10/15krpm SAS disks. I'm wondering what I should expect when comparing local disk performance to performance over a 10Gbps NFS network share.

Does anyone have experience with this equipment? Is there a reasonable way to know what to expect without having to buy the (very) expensive switch and I/O cards? I think the disks support at most 6Gbps throughput. Are there other bottlenecks that I should consider or is it reasonable to expect performance over NFS to be about as good as local disk performance?


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