September 10, 2011

Set Up 3g modem internet on Arch..


Hello everyone, I just installed Archlinux, without internet connection because I don't know how to configure the Network options at the installation menu to connect it.. it seems like it just can connect from Ethernet connections, DHCP and Wi-Fi.

Because of this, I donwload the necessary packages from another computer (wvdial, usb_modeswitch, usbutils and modemmanager), and install them on Arch from a USB, with "pacman -U /path/of/the/file.pkg.tar.xz" but now I can't edit the wvdial.conf in the correct way.. I have tried from solutions to other modems, but all I have got is to connect the modem, with the light turned on permanently, but the connection process doesn't get complete.. my modem is a 3g USB modem, Huawei model E156b, the internet provider is Tigo Honduras, the APN: how can I configure it? or can I set it up from the start? at the installation menu??

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