November 4, 2016

Setting up eth0


Hello everybody,

i'm having a problem with both, arch/bluestar and opensuse 42.2. I'm trying to set up a LAN, having a Raspberry Pi and my Laptop. I also bought a Hub/Switch, connected it.

It says now in the NetworkManager that the network adress is being resolved and ends up in an error message like: the ip-configuration is not available (hopefully rightly translated).

looking at dhcpcd it says, "sending commands to master dhcpcd process. I'm having WiFi and my modem to the internet (enp0s18f2u1u3) connected, too - working without problems.

when doing ifconfig i'm not having any eth0 but an eno0. Is this the same?

Is my router working proberbly?

How to set up a LAN network for my purpose?

Help required,
thx in advance,


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