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June 18, 2017

Abandoning Windows for a Full Linux system


I'm a long time Windows OS user from way back in the 1.0 version. Over the years, like many I became more and more disenchanted with Microsoft. Mainly the behavior of the software in its various incarnations. In recent time that disenchantment has become outright anger. Especially now with Windows 8.1 and 10 apparently making it nigh impossible to dial back my computer to Windows 7. Unless of course I opt to install or keep Windows 10. And again with the spying algorithms. Now I know Microsoft isn't the only one that does this but he blatant arrogance of reinstalling them after removal whenever Windows 10 updates itself just infuriates me. In any case, I am ready to give Linux a serious try. Years ago, back in around 1995 I think, I purchased Red Hat and half-heartedly tried it. Decided I didn't like it for various reasons. Most of which I no longer recall. But now I'm more than ready.

For me this means abandoning Windows completely. which also means I will very likely lose usage of the myriad Windows based software I use. But again that's how angry I am now. I'm not talking about running Windows on a virtual machine and all that gobbledygook. I'm talking complete abandonment. I've done some limited reading on Linux. It appears for me the OS might be LinuxMint. I'm not a games player. I am heavy into video editing and WordPerfect X7/8 because of its ebook publishing capacity. Also photo editing and more and more dabbling with animation software such CrazyTalk and iClone.

I'm hoping you guys can suggest the right Linux OS for my type of usage. I'm so ready I have new hard drives to do a clean install and test out which if any of my software might run on Linux. If there are any similar software to what I use that is Linux friendly. If you can a bit of info on the max amount of RAM a Linux system can have. I'm in the market for a custom made gaming machine. Not to play games but to use the robust machine for video editing.

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