September 9, 2016

AntiX Install help Compaq Armada V300


I have a Compaq Armada V300 with 400mhz P2 and 512mb ram. I had my Windows 98 install start having some massive issues. I formatted the hdd and then I tried reinstalling but half my Compaq drivers don't want to go. I want to try Linux. I found antiX is good but don't know how to go about this. I got a 4.3g hdd I want to install on. How can I do this? I downloaded antiX 16? I think. It's the latest release. It might be the full or basic. I want to try Linux for the first time. I may also want to install on my iBook G4 if this goes good(a different one of course). Then maybe a Windows 10 laptop to replace that Microsoft spyware. My Compaq has Windows 98se. So how can I do this? I don't know how to make the live cd for install. I never used anything other then Windows and Mac OS and have no idea on how to use Linux.

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