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May 3, 2016

ASUS C201 Chromebook Error- X Server


I came across a great deal on a chromebook and decided to buy it because I heard they run great with linux and I needed to use it as a mobile recording studio. I digress...  I saw a plethora of videos that make it seem simple to install Linux on it and run, yet everytime I try to install it I get stuck on the last part. Here is what it says... Im not sure what to do with  it next. 

Fatal server error:

no screens found


please consult the x.org foundation. 

Server terminated with error (1). closing log file.


Can anyone tell me what I did wrong here? This is my third time flashing the system and trying to install yet again thinking it was a mistake I made but no luck yet...  still ends on the same note and im lost from here. 

The videos do not show me how to troubleshoot errors if they occur..

If anyone has time to babysit and walk me through this please text or email me..



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