September 4, 2016

Install From USB partitioning Issues


I'm trying to install mint 18 Sarah

when I get to the page after you check "something else" and continue This is what Im presented with, its almost like partitions have ben created already

Im now at a Inataller type page and it list many things
/dev/mappper/mint--vg--root        991214 MB unknown Linux device mapper (linear)(991.2 GB)
/dev/mapper/mint--vg--swap_1     8472 unknown Linux device-mapper (linear) (8.5GB)
   /dev/sda1                               510 MB unknown
   /dev/sda5                             999691 MB unknown

the new partition table button is greyed out on most things except the "/dev/sda" line but when i click new partition table it gives a error "no modifications can be made to partition #5 of device SCSI6 in use by LVM volume group

or if I click on install now on the bottom right conner button i get another error saying no root file system is defined.

this is a brand new pc with all parts new I built myself. now i think what i did was this. I started to install from USB on boot menu and selected "OEM Install"? however I stopped the installation during mid way because I seen thats not what I really should have done. so now I think this VLM volume group was started to setup when I stopped the install and this is causing me problems.

 I cant do anything with gparted I tried, partitions are grayed out, I cant delte them it errors, I cant repartitioned them there grayed out, all my errors point to needing to use some type of LVM manager but all my searches of this LVM just bring me to more confusion of what top do

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