February 2, 2017

Linuxmint Cinnamon Flash Drive


Hi Linux community, I'm keen to convert my Sony Vaio Windows 7 i7 laptop to a Linux operating system, Before I purchase an SSD to replace my hard drive I thought I would build a Linux Distro on a Flash Drive as a practice. I chose Linuxmint Cinnamon, I have built a persistent bootable 64gb 130mbps Flash Drive with a 4gb partition. Great! it works. Trouble is there are no codecs supplied so DVD playback doesn't happen there's a download codecs prog but it doesn't work, just a load of errors. Media Player asks if I want to download codecs, it does, then the prog disappears from the sound and video section. I have an Nvidia graphics card, I used driver manager to check for the correct driver, it finds it, downloads and installs it, but on reboot, total crash happens, no boot just a load of errors, not even windows starts, (does if I remove Flash Drive). Had tto remake the flash drive, 

My question is, have I chosen the best distro for me, I really would like the codecs to come with the package.

Also am I being naive? can I actually install drivers when using a Flash Drive or is that reserved for a proper hard drive install.

Any advice really appreciated



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