December 18, 2016

Mac Pro dual boot goes single boot



Linux is gaining my interest again, after using it (Unix, actually) during my study 1994-1999. I always liked Unix/Linux, but I never had to use it in much detail, since my study did not focus on the hard core side / development side of IT.
So to start my interest in Linux again, I tried to install Linux on my Mac Pro (2009 model) yesterday.  I had a spare HD mounted in my OSX machine which I could use dedicated for Linux.
After I installed rEFInd and plugged a Linux Mint USB drive, I was able to choose Linux Mint in the boot menu. I booted and I was able to install to the ‘Linux’ HD successfully.
Once installed, USB removed and shutdown the system, I started the machine again and it booted nicely into Linux, which works fine.
But actually I was expecting the rEFInd boot manager to ask me a question, so I could choose for Linux, or for OSX. 
Pressing the option key, during boot, I was presented with 2 options: HD1 and HD2 (this is not the rEFInd boot menu, but the apple functionality) 
I choose HD1 and OSX booted correctly. But after that I could not choose to boot Linux again.
Can you advice me how to setup my machine so I can choose which OS to start, during boot?
Can it be related to the setting of the ‘Device for boot loader installation’, which can be changed/set during installation of linux (the partitioning part of the installation). Which item in the drop down list should I select? I think I kept it on the default setting.
Looking forward to your advice.
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