March 1, 2012

Sharing a GDI printer as Postscript

I have a Lexmark E210 printer - one of the "Windows only" printers, but a fairly OK printer as such, although it is now a "Windows no-longer" printer, since Windows 7 has no driver. Linux does, of course, and it work fine under Linux, but my wife feels she must use Windows 7, so what can a man do?

This is what: I have an old laptop that I have installed Debian on (no desktop), I have set the printer up in CUPS and shared it via Samba, and it is visible from Windows - the problem is that it is visible as a Lexmark E210 and Windows comes back, saying "What is that? I don't know anything".

However, I feel that it should be possible to set it up in CUPS so that it will accept Postscript input (through Ghostscript) - then I can tell Windows that this is a generic Postscript printer and everything will be fine; but how do I do that?

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