January 27, 2015

Install RHEL7 Server from cli help

Hello. I am already booted into RHEL 7 ENT x64. Is there a way using the install media to trigger a NEW install from the existing CLI without rebooting and using the media? There were ways to do this with a CHROOT environment in Gentoo. I need to re-run hardware identification and then come to the GUI install, install, and then and only then reboot computer. I am basically trying to reinstall the current install using the hardware on the current computer and update all install configurations. I have booted into CLI from USB boot media that was created on another hardware platform. I don't mind CHROOTING and running grub2-install /dev/sdc and Grub2-mkconfig to reset the boot volume. Long story. Can it be done? How is it done? What files/images from the distort DVD are used and in what manner. This is a simple full functional USB install with /, Boot, SWAP. Total space 64GB USB3.

Scott - n0nuf

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