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May 15, 2009

More software for Enterprise Linux - the EPEL repo

Just curious if people use or contribute to the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repository?


This add-on repository is a set of community-supported packages that are rebuilt from the Fedora software repository. It has packages for Drupal, Moodle, git, many Perl modules, and so on. There are over 4000 EL5 and ~1800 EL4 packages registered for i386, for example.

These packages are intentionally supported, that is, it is not just a rebuild of all Fedora packages with maintainers who don't care about Enterprise Linux users. Instead, these package maintainers specifically want to support software in a style similar to the RHEL maintenance.

EPEL tries to focus on stability, updating software in a similar philosophy with Red Hat around RHEL. This is different from the rest of Fedora, where updating to the latest from upstream is the norm. EPEL updates are more likely to be conservative, security and bug fixes over feature enhancements.

My favorite thing about EPEL is how it lets an organization directly contribute to an upstream about only the software that matters to them. If you have a set of Perl modules you use that are not in RHEL, put them in EPEL. You gain instant community collaboration, only have a small set of packages to maintain, and you get a ton of potential and real QA on those packages.

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