August 3, 2011

Oracle database files is locked by NFS

Oracle is installed in the redhat 5.4 system, the oracle database file is located in NFS storage, one day Linux system was poweroff suddenly, when linux system was powered on again, oracle could not mount database file, it promoted "file is using".
I think maybe NFS had locked the database file, but I don't know how to unlock the i had to copy files to another location and mount again. but i found when I use "cp" copy files, the oracle could mount database files, but when I used "mv" to move files to new location, the oracle also could not mount. so I have two questions:
1.How to unlock NFS files?
2.I think the diffrence between "cp" and "mv" is what file properties is changed, if like that ,how can i unlock files by changing file properties?

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