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November 23, 2012

redhat 6.2 cluster

Hello Experts,

Please help me with the exact steps on configuring two node cluster on RHEL 6.2,
I failed to configure the simplest cluster by below steps,

1- install RHEL 6.2 64-bit on both nodes
2- add to hosts file of each server ( 1 IP in local NW and another in IP private NW).
x.x.x.x node1-pub
z.z.z.z node2-pub
y.y.y.y node1-pvt
t.t.t.t node2-pvt

3- yum install ricci ( on both nodes )
4- yum install luci ( on 1 node )
5- yum groupinstall "high availability" ( on both nodes )
6- from browser, node1-pub:8084 ( login and create new cluster )
give cluster name, nodes name are (node1-pvt),(node2-pvt)
7- cluster is UP with two nodes, so far.
8- configure failover domain and select both nodes.
9- configure resource(IP) and give IP in same range of public network.
10- configure servicegroup and assign the failover domain and the IP resource to the servicegroup.
11- IP doesn't start.

Nov 24 02:59:37 rgmanager start on ip "" returned 1 (generic error)
Nov 24 02:59:37 rgmanager #68: Failed to start service:vip; return value: 1
Nov 24 02:59:37 rgmanager Stopping service service:vip
Nov 24 02:59:37 rgmanager [ip] is not configured
Nov 24 02:59:37 rgmanager Service service:vip is recovering
Nov 24 02:59:38 rgmanager #71: Relocating failed service service:vip
from luci i get this error

Starting cluster "cluname" service "vip" from node "node1-pvt" failed: vip is in unknown state 118

what did i miss?

please help.


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