November 27, 2009

RH GIU Missing as Root

Hi all,

I'm running an old AMD K6II - 450 with RH 7.2 workstation - just using it as a file server on my network. I store some fairly important data there and back it up to a FreeNAS box.

I need to change the IP address as I'm made significant changes to my network configuration.

But I'm having problems with the RH box when I login as Root. I don't get any interface popping up after re-booting anymore. No gnome gui, no CLI - nothing, just a dark blue screen. When I login as a regular user, I get Gnome and all is good. But I also can't run sudo commands as the regular user, because the user isn't included in Sudoer's group.

So I can't edit some of the machine's files under etc/../network-scripts to modify the IP address, because I'm not Root.

Any ideas on how I can get an interface back up? Is there a key command, or something else I can check?

Thanks for your help!


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