April 7, 2010


Hi Guys / Girls,

Im hoping that someone can help me out by some small chance.
Im currently a (very very new and trying to learn things rapidly) DBA, we have reports that we manually do on our RHEL5 servers all the time as well as SQLPLUS and Oracle, Im also asking there so dont worry :P

What I want to do is Create some sort of report that can On demand create a report that I design, that has various things on it.

for instance from our linux servers I get things like avaliable disk space on the /u01 partition using df -hland I look at the one file and ensure there are no errors using less /u01/*****.log
on SQL there are a few different things I check on the ORACLE services such as invalid counts etc etc. all the commands are avaliable if needed.

But now what I want to know is this, is there possibly a open source reporting service that can return this information and arrange it as I need it too????

Thanks in advance for all your assist.

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