May 20, 2011

Command malfunction In slackware ?


Am using Slackware/Fedora. And in office am using SUSE. In fedora,SUSE, if I give "shutdown -P now" [as root] means the machines are doing shutdown from Xserver as well as from Multi user mode[CLI].

But in Slackware, if I give the same command from Multi user or from Xserver mode, it is giving me the log in prompt, not doing shutdown.

I dont think so, the commands functionality will differ with distros.

And in Slackware , if I press the power button from Xserver, its shutting down, but from Multi user mode, its not sensing the button press.
So, I am switching to Xserver to do proper shutdown.[Since the command, "shutdown -P now" is not working]

So, how can I do proper shutdown from Slackware Multi user mode.

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