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July 29, 2011

LILO configuration in Slackware


Due to some discussions about Arch linux with other distros, I just decided to give a try with Arch to see what are all the things it has. And more over I installed Ubuntu too .

I tried to configure the lilo but I can not able to do that. Currently Ubuntu boot loader is in MBR. And it list all the OS that I have. But, I want the lilo to be in MBR. Here are my sda details,

sda1 - Windows 7
sda10 - Slackware
sda13- Arch
sda14 - Ubuntu
sda15- Fedora - [ / - partition ]
sda16 - Fedora

In LILO , currently I have

image = /boot/vmlinuz
root = /dev/sda10
label = Slackware

other = /dev/sda1
label = Please_DO_NOT_CHOOSE
table = /dev/sda

To configure Fedora15 in lilo i added,

image = /vmlinuz-
root = /dev/sda15
label = Fedora_Love_Lock

And for Arch,

image = /boot/vmlinuz26
root = /dev/sda13
label = Arch_Linux

when tried to install lilo, I got

fatal : open /vmlinuz- No such file or directory

I tried with giving absolute path,

image = /dev/sda15//vmlinuz-

and I got

/dev/sda15//vmlinuz- - Not a Directory

If I comment the Fedora config then I get the same error for Arch linux too.

How can I configure all 5 OS in lilo.
Thank you

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