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July 8, 2011

"Safely Remove" - Is Removing safely?


I have noticed just now that, when I try to remove my USB storage devices from system, in Slackware, using Safely Remove option, the LED in USB device continued its glow.

In my most of devices I dont have LED. When I used the old one I faced this. And for e.g, the USB device name is , NEW VOLUME means, that name is not disappearing from Main menu. If I click over it, again it is showing its content.

After I chose, Safely Remove, why still the device getting supply from system ? If I remove mean, that device wont get shock ? And if i click again means, contents are get displayed. So, what is the purpose of Safely Remove ?

I checked in my first distro, Fedora[laughlin] and my office system, SUSE, and W-----S XP . Things are fine, that is, after choose safely remove, LED get turned off and its entry is removed/disappeared from My computer window.

Why its not happening in Slackware ?


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