June 29, 2011

Slackware- USB modem - Connect script failed


Am using USB modem in slackware. I configured using "pppsetup". Recently, I felt my connection is very slow and tried to change the nameserver. In "/etc/resolv.conf" file, i changed my nameserver to from my USB vendor nameserver..

In that "/etc" dir I found the following files too,


Am not sure whether these files are existed from beginning. [ because, in terminal if I type "/etc/reso" then press the tab key will give the "/etc/resolv.conf" file regularly ] .
So, I deleted the above files. :( . After that, that slow connection also stopped and when I tried to connect again, I got "Connect Script failed" .
I did "pppsetup" freshly [ with same options, that worked well for past 2 months ] , but again got "Connect Script Failed".

In short,

1. I felt my internet connection was slow, decided to change the namesever in /etc/resov.conf
2. Took backup of that file by the name of "resolv_bkp.conf" in same dir and changed the nameserver to
3. Started ppp again. Felt the connection is slow. I removed the above mentioned files
4. started ppp again. Got, "connect script failed" message for "ppp-go"

How can I found a solution for this?

Thank you,

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